Featured Teacher (A conversation) : Molly Haight

What got you hooked? 
When I was in college, I spent part of a summer in Nepal experiencing the culture and visiting many monasteries. When I returned home to Boston, I felt a little lost and started to search something could make me feel more connected and alive, like the way I felt in those monasteries in Nepal. I had tried yoga before but after this trip and upon finding the most wonderful teacher Ame Wren, I was hooked. I fell in love with the way yoga could make me feel even on my worst days, I went every day of the week and I haven't stopped since. 

What obstacles has yoga helped you overcome?
Yoga has helped me manage depression, anxiety and life as a human being on this beautiful but harsh planet. 

What's your favorite pose and why?
Sirsasana. Headstand! I love how standing on my head instantly gets me out of my head. I always feel grounded and more connected afterwards. 

Where did you do your training?
I did 200 and 300 hours of training with Stephanie Snyder. I have done 100 hours of training with Annie Carpenter and continue to train and study with her on a regular basis.